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SST LAPTOP+ started in the year 2005 as SST Laptop and PC Shop. Later on it was incorporated on October 22, 2010 and changed its name to OPES SALUS INCORPORATED doing business under the name and style of SST LAPTOP, and was registered in the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) on December 9, 2010. Due to its vast expansion as a result of good customer service, its sister company Muneris Inc. was established and incorporated last August 2011 acquiring also the trade name of SST Laptop support the operation due to wide coverage.

Today, SST LAPTOP+ is the LEADING service provider of Laptop, PC, Apple Gadget, Mobile Phones, and other Home & Office Electronic Equipment, having the BIGGEST Network of Service Center located in Major Malls in the Philippines.


To provide fast, reliable and reasonably priced on-site and in-shop electronic service and repair for individual customers and corporate accounts.


To maintain our standing as the number one technology solution provider in the Philippines.



Recommend corrective maintenance or repair service and fully explain to the client which needs corrective service and which
needs repair


Offer customer a price estimate for all works to be performed


Obtain an authorization to all customers prior to any work to be done in writing or any other means amenable to the customer


Make every effort to keep the customer informed about appointments and completion deadlines.


Complete and itemize documentation of all components on the invoice and services to be performed.


Furnish the customer with the information on all warranties covering the items or any services rendered


Utmost care on the clients property once received until is it claimed.


Maintain a system of fair settlement for all customer complaints


Uphold the high standards of the service being provided and seek to correct all abuses within the electronic repair industry.